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Friday, August 14, 2009

Catching Up

Please pardon the mess whilst I try to recover... it's been an amazing few weeks.

I'm back Stateside now, still recovering from jet-lag but much improved. For the last three weeks I've been roaming all over Scotland on a solo trip. Not exactly a tour, more of an adventure. I hired a car, I traveled by train and bus, I stayed in youth hostels and campgrounds, and I wild-camped. This adventure began with Edinburgh's Gathering and concluded with Glasgow's Piping Live festival. I shot well over 1200 photographs, hiked through glens and along ridges, visited castles, met many great friends, and built upon a plethora of experiences from which to develop a new body of work.

I will be posting writings from this adventure very soon, as well as a few select photos. To those who have recently joined my newsletter mailing list, welcome! That newsletter will be rolling along again soon. There will be a lot of new works coming out this late Summer and Fall.

So in the mean time while I get sorted, I'll leave you with a video I found from Edinburgh's Gathering. These fellows are the Red Hot Chilli Pipers - if you haven't seen them before, you'll be amazed at the calibre of music. They were truly phenomenal. Maybe some day we can get them to come out to the Pacific Northwest - one can hope! until a little later - Cheers!