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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Love Teaching!

Over the last several years as I demonstrate the process of feather-painting from my booth at shows, I have encountered more and more folks who express an active interest in wanting to learn and try this unique art for themselves.  While I had taught kids through the Scouting program, I admittedly felt a little nervous about teaching adults.  Anything unfamiliar makes us a little nervous.

Last Summer I taught feather-painting to a great group of kids at the Fred Oldfield Western Heritage Center. During this instruction, several of the adult teachers and volunteers also jumped in to learn the art. We all had great fun! I'm oh so looking forward to teaching this again at this year's American Indian Day Camp at the Center.

This Spring I decided to teach workshops in feather-painting at Lucas Art Gallery in Graham.  Still a little uncomfortable about it, but determined to do it as so many have been wanting to learn.  The experience was fantastic! The class was completely full. We painted wolves in a night scene with birch trees and snow, and everyone left happily carrying their completed feathers. 

Our next workshop went just as well - we worked on Goldfinches and Thistles.  This coming Saturday's workshop will be eagles. We still have a few openings, if you'd like to come join the fun!  Call Karen Lucas at Lucas Art Gallery in Graham WA at 253-847-0858

Soon, I hope to be taking these workshops on the road. I've begun making queries down in Centralia Washington, as there are quite a few down there who would like to learn.  Where next? Time will tell... but I'm looking forward to the trip!