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Thursday, February 19, 2009

make a video slideshow of your art

I've been neglecting this blog again, but trying to get better at it.

What ways have you been trying to show your artwork? Have you been attempting the social media circles, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter? How about Youtube?

I've been dabbling in all of those, and recently worked up the courage to try creating a video of sorts. I've been seeing my paintings frequently popping up in videos and slideshows, and so thought it necessary to create one so that viewers would know where to find more... many play with creating these, but don't list their image sources so it becomes a dead end for the original artist who created the work.

Shop around. There are a lot of inexpensive programs, and also free ones that do a decent job at putting together a video. I used Photo Story 3 for Windows. Yes, my computer is so old I did not have this or any other already existing on my hard-drive, I had to go out looking for it. It's a little clunky, at least on my machine. Every time I previewed the video within the platform, the playback would run at a slightly different pace and alter the timing between image and music. Once you save the video and play it back in Windows Media Player, then you can see the true timing and pace. The program also comes with a lot of transitions to play with. I only used a few, as I didn't want those to take center-stage. Keep it clean and simple.

Here's my attempt at it. The video runs a bit long, but the music fits the work well and will hopefully carry the interest through. I still have a few timing issues in there, but - it's a start!

"Painted Feathers" on YouTube

Go on - play with making a video yourself! It's a great way to show your art in a different format. Here are some things to keep in mind when doing so:
-Remember to list your pertinent info at the beginning and at the end, so that people wishing to see more can find you. If you're Youtubing it, also put that info in the video description.
-Don't get too crazy with the transitions... remember, the focus should be on your work. Keep it simple and smooth, allow the viewer to enjoy the images.
-If you're doing motions across an image, don't zoom in too tight on one part of the image... you don't want to force the viewer to look at one small part, it may not be the part they wanted to look hard at.
-If you've a wide variety of work, pick out images with a common theme and use only those. You can always make another video with another group of images.
-Select audio that really fits the mood you're trying to create. There's nothing worse than clicking into a video and being bombarded with music that absolutely Does Not Fit what's going on in the video.
-Credit your sources.

Video is becoming more and more prevalent on the internet, and a lot of hosts and platforms are now supporting it. Blogger has a video upload feature now. Homestead web hosting has also incorporated Youtube and video uploading to their website-building software. It's everywhere, and it's a great way to get your work out there. Browse around on Youtube at other artists' videos to get some ideas on presentation; you'll find a wide range of possibilities.

If I can figure out how to do it (cheaply!) I want to do a time-lapse video, showing a painted feather from start to finish. Do you have any suggestions for such a thing? if so, I'd love to hear about it.

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Maia said...

Your art is exquisite and your movie is great.
I'm looking for something simple like this for a long time, I thought, it is more complicated.
For a cheep and good solution I would recommend Google's Picasa which has a movie maker (it is free and powerful)for the time-lapse tutorial.
I was just playing around with it, but now i shall try to use it.
You can record yourself painting with a simple photo camera and edit it with Picasa.
Thanks for sharing and have fun,