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Thursday, February 03, 2011

ACEO winner

I'm a day late with this, but have put two names in a hat and pulled out one. Adele, you've won the ACEO original painting!  As there were only two participants with last Sunday's card, I've scanned in a second card and Adele may choose between the two posted here. Scott will receive the remaining card.  I'll be in touch with both of you for mailing addresses. :-)

As things are getting much busier in the studio, and rather suddenly too, I may not be doing another ACEO card giveaway for a couple of weeks. 

January is history, and the days are getting noticeably longer.  The cherry trees and flowering currants in my yard are beginning to stir, putting forth leaf buds in anticipation of Spring.  Both Puxutawney Phil the Groundhog and Jabari the Hedgehog are calling for an early Spring.  With Spring come the annual parade of art festivals and exhibitions.  Are you ready??  I'm not! But I'm working on it!

I'm working harder than ever in the studio in an effort to make up for lost time.  Last year saw me pulling back drastically from shows, but this year I shall be entering a couple of new ones.

Next Monday I'll be doing feather-painting demonstrations and speaking at an art club. At the end of the month I'll be speaking with another local arts organization about Facebook, social media for artists, and inbound marketing.  March holds an adult feather painting workshop, and April begins the first show of the season. It will progressively get busier and more active right through til Autumn, so now is the time to prepare!

And prepare, I must - for next year I'll take my next journey to Scotland.  This time I won't be alone though, I'll be bringing my teenaged son with me.  What an experience he will have!  I'm glad he is a camper, for a lot of our adventure will be spent doing exactly that.  I'm also preparing to pursue some art goals while over in that magnificent country.  It's very encouraging to constantly keep new goals in sight.  To continually have something to aim for is a real driving force that keeps you active and in motion, always moving forward. Ther is so much to look forward to, both this year and next - onward to the next adventure! 

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