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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Website renovation

The work has begun! And it's terribly overdue.  My website is receiving a much-needed overhaul, as its appearance has been sitting in the 90's and it needs an updated look.  You're going to see some new pages when it's all done, and new media as well - canvas, fabric art, and prints offered too.

You'll find the new format already on the index page as well as the calendar page.  I'll be working through the rest of it bit by bit and getting the newest paintings on the site.

"Crossing Guards" (c) Julie Thompson 2011, sold.

Speaking of paintings, I've much to get done on that front.  There are currently ZERO completed paintings in-studio. Fusions Gallery just sold the last one they had in stock. Lucas Art currently has five -- er, scratch that they sold the Loons on Tuesday -- they have four paintings.  Now I do have a few started in-studio, just receiving final details and framing.  The goal of having the galleries fully stocked and also having 30 paintings in-studio feels a bit out of reach right now!  That's okay, I've got the winter to rebuild... and also rebuild that website!

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