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Friday, October 17, 2014

Scotland Adventure 2015 - project launch!

The first trip over in 2009 had me mesmerized. I swore I would go back - probably multiple times.  There's just something about this magnificent country - its rich history, splendid music, wonderful people - I knew I had to go back.

Plans were made. Life went sideways. More plans were made. At last it is concrete - I will return in the summer of 2015.

While the last trip was quite the adventure, the next one will be even more so.  I will spend at least six weeks wandering Scotland with even greater opportunities for adventure - and I do so love a good adventure.  I have intentions of going about it in ways that most tourists would never try though, and indeed in ways that probably most Scots might not.  I'll be backpacking and will likely be spending most of my time out-of-doors, and possibly half my nights camping.  I did this last time, but next time will be for a considerably longer duration and quite a bit more wild.  One route I am planning
on, for instance, is walking from Cannich, which is just west of Loch Ness, to Broadford, which is on the Isle of Skye.  I estimate that should be about 4 days' walking where compass and map will be needed things. It might take a bit more, depending on how often I stop to sketch or take side trips to see other features along the way.

Such activities are necessary, as an illustrated artist's travel journal will be published in the wake of this adventure.  I will also be gathering an enormous amount of photographs, from which to produce a large body of work when I return home again.  Total immersion is key. I want to absorb as much of this experience as I can, as fully as is possible.  I want to learn more about the history and the culture, to study the wildlife, to hear the music, to meet the people.  There is just so much to it - the last journey of 22 days barely scratched the surface.

Along with all the planning and reading and map study and research, there is another side of this adventure that I've been building upon that would give you folks the ability to have a unique piece of it.  I'll be producing miniature feather paintings from this adventure, on top of the larger works and the book. The miniatures are for you who wish to participate.  You would also receive a signed certificate with a thistle remarque, as well as one of my paintings printed in postcard format, mailed to you from somewhere in Scotland.  Sound interesting?  Rather than repeat all this information within the blog post, please do have a look at the webpage I have built on my website just for this purpose.

In the coming weeks and months, I'll periodically talk about hopes, plans, and areas of focus here on the blog.  It will be quite the amazing adventure indeed!  See you again on Tuesday!

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