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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Feather for a Woodbadger

For those of you less familiar with the Boy Scout Leadership training, Woodbadge is some of the best adult leadership training the BSA offers. The training is comparable to business leadership and team-building training that one would find in the corporate world. A Woodbadge class is broken down into Patrols, like a Boy Scout Troop: Beavers, Bobwhites, Foxes, Eagles, Owls, Bears, Buffalo, and Antelope. At the completion of the training, the individuals must then complete a series of goals geared towards his or her position in Scouting. Once this is accomplished, the individual heceives a formal Beading ceremony.

This feather was ordered for a Bobwhite's Beading, which takes place this Saturday.

The feather's natural striping made for some very interesting cloud effects. I'm happy with the interest, color, and sense of depth the Beach Peas in the forground provided. I may be using Beach Peas in a seascape format again soon.

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