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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


As with many wayward blogs found throughout the internet, this one was begun with the best of intentions. But as it goes with many such blogs, this endeavour was moved to the back burner to make a little more room for pressing matters.

As many of you reading this already know, my artwork received a lot of international attention this year. The results of such mountainous exposure left me scrambling over the last several months - keeping up with contacts, interviews, orders, and what subsequently ended up being an overbooking of shows and exhibitions. the show schedule was by no means too heavy when it was originally set, but it turned out that way in the wake of everything else.

That being said, no more excuses! I believe I've adjusted to the new level of things, so I will be making blog entries at least once a week.

This weekend marks the last BIG show for me this year. It's the annual national exhibition, the Fred Oldfield "Celebrate Western and Wildlife Art" show. You can read the itinerary on the events page at the Fred Oldfield Western Heritage Center's website.

I must say I am just barely prepared, having had the happy problem of keeping up with orders instead of devoting most of my time to rebuilding inventory. Although new works will be few, I will be exhibiting some pieces that go in a new direction. These incorporate lithic pieces along with the feathers in multiple object mount presentations. They are themed around particular animals, and include extra adornments such as stone and bone beads, braided horsehair, leather, and bison wool. Buffalo, obviously, is one of those new pieces - and Wolf will be the other. I've others on the table, but sadly I don't think I'll be able to have them completed and framed in time.

The next blog entry will feature the upcoming Oldfield western and wildlife show, as well as the new lithic-feather combination pieces.


Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Julie,
I just was sent an email that had some of your work in it. I did a search on the Internet and found your site. I just have to tell you that your work is STUNNING absolutely Stunning. I could look at each feather for hours. You are an unbelievably talented artist and I sincerely hope you keep it up. Thank you for making the world a little brighter for me today.
All the best

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