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Saturday, June 28, 2008

feather-painting article in Prague

Czech interview
This was exciting! The Blesk is a newspaper in Prague, and one of the largest papers in the Czech Republic. I was recently privileged to be interviewed by them. Sorry, the article is in Czech - I've utilized some of the online translators and they were, ... well, humourous!

The Blesk

Feathers to Australia
There has been an increase in international interest lately, including interest in purchase. That is one advantage of a weaker American dollar - one's product just becomes a little more financially friendly for others. I've received many queries throughout Australia, which prompted me to investigate the limitations in sending such items. this being on a "canvas" that is an animal byproduct, I knew that might be a concern. Australian customs has put me on the right path though, I've begun the process of permit to do so. So- if you're in Australia and have been interested, yes you can purchase one.

Wood Badgers and Boy Scouts
The next time you might be traveling down to Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico, do stop by Cimarron Art Gallery, very near the Scout Camp itself. they specialize in a wonderful collection of Wood Badge critters in many products and lines. Very soon,they will also feature Wood Badge critters on painted feathers. Nine critters will be available for viewing, and the gallery will be happy to take orders. Because each is created upon request, there would be a 6-week turnaround. Bobwhite, Fox, Eagle, Owl, Bear, Buffalo, Antelope, or Raven will be available upon request.

New at Ocean Shores
"Patience" was delivered this week to Fusions Art Gallery in Ocean Shores, Washington. Below is a detail photo. As you look at it though, you begin to wonder... 'Patience' for whom? I got the idea for this painting down at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, where I spent considerable time watching the herons fish.

Fusions Gallery has recently gone through some visual changes inside and out and is looking very sharp! The website will be next up for an overhaul. Do stop in if you're headed out to the Shores, with over 80 artists on display they are well worth a visit.


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