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Thursday, October 01, 2015

An Adventure Realized

No matter how well you lay the groundwork, some things refuse to go according to plan. "The best laid schemes of mice and men," as Scottish poet Robert Burns so famously put it. Well - I never
On the shores of Loch Eck
claimed to technologically adept.

I was not able to access and utilize Mailchimp from my 7-inch android tablet in Scotland, nor was I able to access and update this blog. Hell, I wasn't even able to access my website's email, no matter how secure the internet access - so I had to ask my husband to monitor that for pertinent messages while I was away.

There were only two online-communications platforms that I could use with ease, that proved their unflagging reliability - Gmail and Facebook. So with that, I utilized Facebook as my means of communicating with friends, family, and anyone who wished to follow along in what proved to be one enormous two-month-long adventure in Scotland.

All those posts are readily available on my personal page, in public updates and uploads.  It takes a bit of scrolling back to get to July 2nd. I did so today, skimming as I went. When I finally reached the start of the adventure, I sat back and said aloud, "Good grief! Did I really do all that?"  Indeed, it's a lot to take in when you look at it all together.

Something else that is a lot to take in when you look at it all together is the mind-numbing pile of photos that were taken all throughout the country.  There are literally thousands of shots!  I am in the process of going through and organizing these so they may be uploaded - whether it will be to Picassa or to Flickr, I am as of yet undecided.  It will ultimately be whichever I think will be the easiest for those good folks who supported me in this journey - they will need to decide what they want me to paint for them, after all!  These are to be ready for perusal later this month, some time after the Fred Oldfield Western and Wildlife Art Show.

As for the blog, I will be posting retrospectives of this amazing journey.  Watch for posts on Thursdays and on Mondays. Just snippets, mind you, as there is still a book to come from it.  The working title for that is "Off the Beaten Path - an Artist's Adventure in Scotland". The target for release is by June 2016.

Until the next post, Mòran taing, and all the best!

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