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Monday, October 12, 2015

Back from the Show!

Amidst the hustle and chaotic flurry of activity that defines prep and setup at a major art show, that Thursday post proved to be irretrievably elusive.  It's Monday now, and post-show decompression is well underway.

"Luminous" - inspired by
the swans of Edinburgh
The Fred Oldfield "Celebration of Western Art" is always a blast, and always feels like a big happy family reunion. I would not ever want to miss it, no matter how small my inventory.

And my inventory was quite small!  With two summer months away in Scotland and all the months of work and preparation leading up to that, my booth was only left with a handful of art.  For this show, I determined instead to focus on networking and promoting the upcoming book. I wanted to see how the response would be.  Interest was great!  I set up a display table in my space with maps, books, and remnants from the trip. My booth stayed busy, with folks eager to hear how everything went with the trip, and thumbing through the sketchbook I used on the journey. 

I'm more excited than ever to see this book to realization. This winter is going to be very busy indeed!

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