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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Explorations into other outlets

Button Blanket

This is merely the beginning of my borderwork, which contains Heron. The buttons and shaped paua shell ovoid in this photograph are not sewn down, but merely placed to judge their visual merits in a completed design. The red wool applique work, however, is stitched down for the most part - all is hand-sewn with tiny blanket-edge stitches to help bind and define the edges.

This is a full-sized blanket of high quality coating-weight wool. Heron will be in the border on both sides with the larger smoke-colored shell buttons lining the edge of that, and Bear with Cub will be the central figure. She will be outlined with the smaller mother-of-pearl shell buttons seen in the photo. It will take considerable time, probably the remainder of the winter - but it is a welcome break in between painting feathers for the upcoming Home Show in Eugene.

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