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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Progressions in PNW design

Raven Steals The Sun

I still have much to learn in PNW Flat Design. I have a good teacher in a Kwakiutl chief and master carver down in Southern Washington.

This was done in Micron pen and acrylic paint. My ovoids are still "mushy" as he put it. They need more strength, more tension - in order to be proper. When I get it done right, I want to paint this on a drum. I'm told the style I use is very strongly Tsimshian - having grown up in Ketchikan, I can understand why.

1 comment:

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Julie,

I really enjoy your PNW designs, there is much inspiration there, the "pavonine" patterns of peacock feathers reminds me of water.

Best, Jon