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Friday, January 12, 2007

Free Spirits

This scanned a little dark, and that Photoshop color I chose to represent matting isn't really helping. I spent more time than usual on this one, trying to get the sunset just so, trying to make the Puget Sound waters believable. I'll have to take a photo of it once it's framed, as this scan is not a good representation.

Those are the pros and cons of working small on a dimensional object such as this. It's small enough to fit on a scanner bed, and the scanner will show all the details up close and personal. My scanner does not match color perfectly. I also get a fisheye effect from it because of the dimensionality of the piece. It was not meant to mash flat. A feather has a distinct and graceful curve to it, and I utilize that in the painting. I create the painting by cradling the feather in the palm of one hand while applying the acrylic with the other. The result is a three-dimensional effect which is only enhanced by float-mounting in a shadowbox frame. People often say the paintings look much better in person than they do online. I believe this is why that is so.

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