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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Off to Eugene

The Good Earth Home Show

I'm driving down there today, and will hopefully be there in time to set up. Along the way, I have an early-afternoon interview at a gallery in Portland, so between that and traffic my itinerary is a little grey.

I did this show last year and was overwhelmed with the enormity of it. Patrons were shoulder-to-shoulder in the isles, and every parking space was filled. It was my first year that year, so I was very pleased to squeak into the black when all was said and done. there were quite a few events going on, even the Cascade Raptor Center put on demos with their birds. This year promises to be even bigger. Setup for vendors takes place tonight and tomorrow morning.

While doing a show far from home, have you looked for creative ways to spend as little as possible? I tend to be very frugal, and I'm always looking for ways to save a little more. The motel room I'm renting has a fridge and microwave, which only cost a couple more dollars per night. I figure I'll do the breakfast-cereal/tv dinner thing to save on expenses. I'm packing sandwich materials too, so that will also help considerably. Last year I had a lot of cereal bars in my pack to get me through the day, but that got very old in a hurry!

I'll have 23 framed feathers on display. I've packed in accordance to what's been selling lately. Wolves have not been moving at all over the last year, so I have no wolves. Eagles always move, so I do have an eagle. Bears have increased in popularity, and that has been true for two years now. I'll have two bears. No marine life, sad to say... "Free Spirits" has developed another purpose. Karen of Lucas Arts is taking that one to Westport for me. Hopefully that event went well for her!

Wish me luck, this will be an exciting trip!

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