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Friday, January 15, 2010

Making more technology adjustments

Well, the camera wasn't the only thing that's reached the end of its life, it appears the old desktop computer is nearly there too.

It's an 8 year old Dell and has served me well, but has reached that stage where not even dumping the entire system and reinstalling would be worthwhile.  The processor can't keep up with everything online anymore, the RAM is far below current minimal requirements, the hard-drive has LONG since been far too small (using an auxiliary hd these days for images and iTunes)... the poor old thing has to think hard just to process a right-click.

My Navy son did me a great kindness and has gifted me with modern technology.  He's just completed Basic and has gone on to A-school.  He'd been having a lot of trouble with his new laptop before he left.  Now that he's in Florida, he's gone out to get a new laptop and told me to fix up his old one and keep it.  My husband dumped the system and reinstalled Windows and now it works like a charm.  I'm used to the great Beast that is the desktop, so this is taking a fair amount of getting used to.  In comparison to the dinosaur, though, this little Acer is incredibly fast.  I don't like the way it shows images though, so I'll need to keep working with the Beast a while longer, at least on that level.  It's becoming obvious I'll need to get a new desktop at some point, just for the image-processing if for nothing else.

But for all other functions, I will be migrating to the little laptop wherever possible.  It will take some time, and I've things I need to pull off the Beast and put here... things that the Beast wouldn't let me work with and has been cantankerous in even letting me retrieve.  I should be back up to full speed  soon, and it'll be a little while more before I can take care of those much-needed website updates.  New paintings will be along soon... I hate that these blog updates have been so devoid of imagery!


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Julie Thompson said...

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