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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clarity through Seven Words

Slowly but surely I'm getting things migrated over to the laptop.  My husband's got my email set up here, but it appears that the old desktop computer has swallowed some of those pertinent emails.  Please be patient with me as I get things fully integrated with the new system.  and find these bits that are currently MIA.

Recently Todd Henry on Accidental Creative issued a challenge:  create a seven word bio.  How can you condense what you do down to its bare essence in seven words?  It's absolutely brilliant, because 1) it forces you to cut the clutter and focus on the simple basics of what your art, your business, what have you is all about. 2) By trying to concentrate this concept into the confines of 7 words, you try to explain it with great clarity, yet with enough creative punch to compel your reader to want to learn more.  It's not an easy task!  His is outstanding, by the way:  The arms dealer for the creative revolution.  Mine is a work in progress, I'm not yet satisfied with it:  Detailed wildlife paintings on naturally shed feathers.  I've also considered Portraits of nature on nature's own canvas.  See?  It's not so easy! 

Have you ideas of a seven word bio for yourself?  Please do share it here in comments.  You'll be surprised how it will inspire you to employ it, or at least its influence, elsewhere.  This little challenge has already compelled me to cut all the clutter on the 'about me' portion here on the blog and pare it down to its current simplicity... but that, too, is a work in progress. :-)

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