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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweeping Up

2009 is not quite out the door yet.  I still have a few remaining commissions to complete before bidding 2009 a fond farewell.  The going has been slow as I have been under the hammer of migraines for the past several days, which all but brings any chance of doing detail-work to a complete stop.  I'm finally starting to feel human once again and have vision back for the most part, so I hope to have the last of 2009's requests done within the next several days.

The poor old digital camera has met its demise.  There's a new one waiting to take its place.  The old camera had been my companion for 7 years now.... my, how digital cameras have changed in that time, even the simple ones!  Photos of new works may be a little slow in coming but they will come, just as soon as I've figured out the new camera.  When I am once again photo-capable, expect to see newer paintings added to the website, as well as to the blog.

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