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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Blog by any other name...

In my wanderings through artist profiles on Facebook I stumbled upon a fan page and links that begged further investigation.  I'd found two gorgeous magazines produced by Stampington & Company, well, two of several they produce - Where Women Create and Artful Blogging.  Among other goals this year, two are at the top of the list, the blog and the studio, so this was exactly the the inspiration I needed to pull out the stops and really go to it on both counts.  The more I looked at the fan page and the websites, the more I felt urged to run out to Borders Bookstore and hold these issues in my hands and really examine them.  Temptation being too much, I loaded my teenager in the car and did exactly that... and ended up buying both along with a drawing book for my budding-artist boy.

You might notice a new name for this blog this morning - the idea came to me last night.  I had been under the impression that the blog's name should mirror the studio name but after poring through pages of stories written by so many creative spirits, I realized that just isn't true.  A blog is more organic than a website and often reflects more of the nature and personality of the author.  My passion in creativity covers many areas, but most of all it lies in painted feathers and has for 20 years.  That passion and my painting style have grown and evolved so much, which has opened so many wonderful doors - not just in art business but in adventures and in life.  I do this creative work from my home studio so the name change just felt so right - The Feathered Nest  it is!

As I work to find my own creative voice within this space, you're going to begin to see more photos.  They may not always pertain to the subject at hand and they won't be limited to my paintings. They will often be glimpses of my life though, whether it's local or some distant adventure.

These snapshots are from a rare sunny winter day in La Push on Washington's Coast.  I do love living in the Pacific  Northwest, as nature provides so much inspiration everywhere you look!

.....Happy Weekend! :-)

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