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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And the winner is....

Gina! I'll be in touch with you soon for an address. :-)

Thank you all so much! I was delighted to see such an interest in this, and to have eight participants for this first blog giveaway, holy smokes! One participant could not post to the blog and so contacted me privately. Her name went into the hat too.

If there is interest enough, I shall keep doing these on Sunday mornings - this was fun! Let's see, what sort of ACEO will be next?

Sorry I have not scanned in the completed versions of those feathers as of yet. For one, the double has yet to be completed! :-(  I am a bit surprised at how awkward this one is to work with, and so don't wish to rush it.  I do already have a frame and glass for this one though. The frame is 11 inches wide to accommodate this larger piece. It will be interesting to see this one once it's all pulled together.

I do have, however - at long last - an availability of prints for my Eilean Donan castle painting.  These are an open-run, and the image is 8"x10", matted to fit an 11"x14" frame.  Each print is signed, has a single mat and backing, and is $20 plus $4 shipping. If you are interested and not in the US, please contact me and I will get a shipping quote for you.

I was very pleased with the quality of the print. There are plans to do a canvas print in the future, larger, and limited to just fifty. 

I pulled the photo I took of the castle, from which this was painted, and am including it and info on the back of each print assembly.  My husband has a much greater grasp of MS Word than I do, so he took my info and created a nice document:.  I don't know about you, but when I buy prints, I love to have the story behind it and so have provided that for collectors. Click on the images for larger views:
Again, thank you for your interest. I love receiving your comments.  Stay tuned for another blog giveaway on Sunday!

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