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Sunday, January 02, 2011


Just a short post for tonight, but my entries will be coming a little more frequently now.

It was the last day of our Wood Badge course, 2005 - banquet day, the celebration of our achievements, training, and what we'd become on the other side.  We arrived to the dining hall by patrols.  All the patrol tables were in neat rows across the middle of the hall, but our Bear Patrol table was at the other end, set apart from the rest but next to the staff table.  We looked at things in a little bit of puzzlement.  Then I said, grinning, "Hey, look at this! We're at the head of the class!" Another in our patrol countered, "...or in the back of the room!"  I shook my head. "Noo - it's all in your perspective!"

And I believe that. Everything is a gift. It becomes what we choose to make of it.  What circumstance have you decided to turn around?

"Where Eagles Soar",painted feather commission. Dad's an Eagle, Big Brother's an Eagle, and Little Brother is a Wolf Cub.  Unique art that made for a very meaningful Father's Day gift.

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