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Friday, January 21, 2011

Unfinished Business

One of the best things about doing art demonstrations at festivals, galleries, and events is it gives me the opportunity to explain and show to the patrons just how I approach painting on a feather.  Since that is just not possible for many of you reading, I thought I'd post a couple of unfinished works here so that you may get a sense of the process.

This was one destined for Whitehorse in the Yukon, one of several. While I do not yet have a scan of this finished feather, from this one you can see how the painting begins in silhouette, particularly those that use the natural feather as the background. All but the wolves are complete in this, they remain in silhouette awaiting their finishing work.

This next one is of a sort I'd not tried before, fusing two feathers together for a large painting surface.  It has proved to be rather unwieldy to work with.  I do a lot of glazing and layering, working from the background to the foreground, and you can see the mountains and forest are beginning to take shape.  I will post the finished versions of these Next Wednesday.

In upcoming classes we'll go into the process in more detail, students will be able to apply the technique to any subject matter they choose once we are done.  Our first class at Lucas Art in Graham will involve a winter scene with wolves, very like the scene above.

Sunday: Yep, gave it heavy text because I don't want you to miss this! Be ready for my first ever Blog Giveaway!  I'll post an original ACEO card giveaway, a detailed and fun painting of Puss In Boots. I'll post the card then, so leave a comment on Sunday's post for a chance to win.  On the Wednesday following, I'll put Sunday's commentors' names in a bag and draw and post the winner.  Do pop back in, this should be fun! :-)

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